Here some of the best success cases realised to reach clients’ goals. Starting from the clients’ and participants needs, these projects were able to reach the expected outcomes and even to go further. Take inspiration from these examples.


SIAARTI Congress 23: How to 'Escape' from Traditional Formats and Succeed.

The 3.400 anaesthesiologists and resuscitators gathered in Rome for the 77th National SIAARTI-ICARE Congress discussed...

AI-Powered Multilingual Translation Debuts at RHSC General Membership Meeting in Accra

In a landmark event held from October 16th to October 20, 2023, the Reproductive Health...

A Sustainable, Enriching, and Engaging Conference!

Boyden World Conference 2023 in Madrid earns Sustainability Certificate for Environmentally Friendly Practices

Ipsen Community Day

To make the first convention since the pandemic memorable, AIM Group has created a team...

Global Mental Health Summit (GMHS) 2022

The fourth edition of the Global Mental Health Summit (GMHS) was held in Rome. Santo Spirito, one of...

The pleasure of discovering Italy!

Over the past few months, AIM Events Office (AIM Italy) has organized several DMC events,...

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