SIAARTI Congress 23: How to ‘Escape’ from Traditional Formats and Succeed.
The 3.400 anaesthesiologists and resuscitators gathered in Rome for the 77th National SIAARTI-ICARE Congress discussed the hot topics in their profession openly and interactively. And for the first time an escape room activity made it even more engaging and captivating.
SIAARTI Congress 23: How to ‘Escape’ from Traditional Formats and Succeed.
Clients: SIAARTI - Italian Society of Anaesthesia, Analgesia, Intensive Care and Resuscitation
Location: Rome, La Nuvola Congress Center
Solution: Conference Management
From October 26-28, the La Nuvola Congress Center hosted the 77th National SIAARTI-ICARE Congress, which proved to be a highly successful event, attracting over 3,400 participants and marking a significant growth compared to the 2021 Rome edition. This congress, dedicated to anesthesia and resuscitation, featured a wide array of sessions and meetings that captured the attention of healthcare professionals from around the world. The event, held entirely in person, offered a variety of sessions, debates, and discussions on common topics.

One of the objectives that the SIAARTI aimed to achieve during the congress included finding a new activity able to:

  • engage the new generations of doctors in a direct and interactive way,
  • promote teamwork,
  • motivate experiential learning through surprising and unusual activities, and
  • connect experienced professors with other delegates outside the traditional lecture setting.

For the first time it was decided to propose the unique experience of the Escape Room ICARE Hospital, an extremely engaging simulation activity that has provided participants with the opportunity to train and improve the quality of care, ensuring greater patient safety in critical contexts, organized in collaboration with the leading simulation company, Laerdal.

In this Escape Room located in the exhibition area, groups of 10 participants, selected from registered attendees, took on the challenge of solving complex cases to “escape”. They were guided by a team of experienced simulation professors and SIAARTI trainers.

This experience of “educational gaming” in advanced medical simulation has been extraordinarily successful. In five organized sessions, 22 teams participated, with 220 overall participants, 60% being women and 82% being trainee doctors. Both the scores obtained by the different teams and the satisfaction index of the experience were extremely high. This initiative generated significant enthusiasm among the participants, making the event even more memorable.

The congress also featured stable sponsors and welcomed several new international companies that presented their medical devices in Italy for the first time. The exhibition area of the congress maintained its 1,000 square meters of net space, providing participants with the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in the field of anesthesia and resuscitation.

Another highlight was the launch of a new medication by Viatris, which chose the SIAARTI stage for this important presentation. Additionally, Costa Crociere participated for the first time in a medical congress with the goal of recruiting anesthesiologists and resuscitation specialists for their onboard medical staff. The experience was a success, with their booth consistently crowded with interested physicians.


Overall, the 77th National SIAARTI-ICARE Congress concluded successfully, receiving positive feedback from clients and guests. This event once again demonstrated its vital role in promoting knowledge and innovations in the field of anesthesia and resuscitation, while offering an engaging experience with the exciting addition of the escape room.

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