We strike up constructive communications within communities that everyone can relate to.

Improving relations between brands, organisations and people is what inspires our teams to develop strong ideas and compelling creative concepts.

Our four-pillar approach covers the whole communication cycle: from concept, through the development of digital assets, distribution to target audiences and on-going follow-up and analysis.

AIM Communication, our dedicated communications company, works as an Open Innovation Network, pooling market forces and expertise, integrating the skills of the best digital and non-digital communication companies. AIM Communication teams benefit from the highly specialized skill sets available to:

  • GAS Communication, a communications agency with 20-years’ experience, specialising in digital PR & media relations for the healthcare sector.
  • Vangogh, a creative communications agency, with a strong background in ADV campaign and digital communication.
  • Nautes, a digital design company, founded as an innovative university spin-off.


Design thinking approach

Design thinking has creative power.

Events, Communication, Consultancy:
three talented teams that interact and work together
to design experiences, ideas and solutions.

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