Milan is not only Italy’s business capital, but an historic and engagingly stylish destination in its own right.  So as well as being home to a number of multinationals, it can also boast Leonardo’s Last Supper, a fabulous cathedral and one of the world’s most elegant shopping districts.

During recent years the pull of the city has been given an additional boost by infrastructure and accommodation investment in the run-up to Expo 2015. With a number of conference facilities also set to be part of the Expo legacy, Milan’s status as a premier location for even the largest events will certainly grow even further.

With over sixty years’ event management experience in the city, AIM has developed an unrivalled Milanese network

Key people
Gianluca Scavo
CEO AIM Group International
Alessandro Scattolin
General Manager Corporate Pharma Division AIM Italy
Armando Mastrapasqua
Managing Director AIM Sport
Marco Quagliarella
Director International Operations
Nicola Sciumè
Managing Director AIM Communication
Rosangela Quieti
General Manager Congress Division AIM Italy
+39 02 566011
Viale Enrico Forlanini, 23 20134 Milan - Italy
+39 02 56609059
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