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AIM Group is implementing a sustainable event management system

According to ISO 20121, the Group is setting out its commitment to adopting a sustainable management system for events.


AIM Group is committed to ensuring that the events it organises have an increasingly positive social, economic, environmental and occupational health and safety impact.

The implementation of a sustainable event management system (according to ISO 20121: 2013) is an opportunity for AIM Group S.p.A. to raise awareness of sustainable development among all those involved in organising the events.

As part of this path AIM Group has published two important documents:

  • Declaration of Intent and Values
  • SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Policy

In particular, AIM is committed to respecting the fundamental principles of sustainable development and to monitoring activities to continuously improve event management; and to involving all the stakeholders and participants and raising awareness about the SDGs.

To lower the environmental impact of meetings, events and conferences, AIM will adopt the 4R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair. Additionally, the group for example will promote sustainability education, consider compliance with sustainability principles as a preferred requirement in the supplier selection, ensure equal opportunities, accessibility, and inclusivity at events and comply with the GDPR data protection regulations.

You can read the full documents here:


Declaration of Intent_EN

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