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AIM Group International publishes its Corporate Annual Report 2022 announcing positive economic and business results

A sharp increase in overall turnover, back to pre-pandemic volumes, positive EBITDA, a robust pipeline of major events, and significant investments in product development marked the past year

AIM Group International is pleased to present its Corporate Annual Report 2022, showcasing positive business and economic outcomes, with a return to historical business volumes after the disruption of the pandemic.

The events industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience and undergone a complete revolution in recent years. We are very proud that AIM Group International has made similar transformative changes” underlines Gianluca Buongiorno, President AIM Group International. “AIM is characterized by a strong partnership approach, working closely with clients and stakeholders to adapt and evolve. By understanding our clients’ and participants’ changing focus and needs, we were able to respond to recent challenges with innovation and creativity”.

The 2022 Consolidated Balance is positive with overall turnover of 78 million euro, 33% up since last year, and EBIDTA of 3.3 million euro.

“The strategies we have adopted to ensure continuous and sustainable growth have enabled us to maintain the Group’s stability and financial security” explains Gianluca Scavo, CEO AIM Group International. “Our 2022 results are hugely significant. The positive turnaround in all our Italian and international offices, coupled with the return to historical business volumes, marks an important step forward, after the disruption caused by the pandemic. This solid recovery, in conjunction with confirmed future business, indicates that growth will continue from 2023 onward”.

2022 Highlights:

  • Overall Consolidated Balance: turnover 78.374.000 euro, +33% compared to 2021, EBITDA 3.342.000 euro.
  • 500+ live, digital & hybrid events and communication campaigns managed for 400+ clients, 350.000 engaged delegates, 5 international awards received for outstanding results.
  • A rich pipeline of major events secured, including European Robotics Forum – ERF 2024 to take place in Rimini; the Global Committee for Space Research – COSPAR 26 with 3.000 delegates anticipated to Florence; the International Conference on Robotics and Automation – ICRA 2026 expected to attract up to 8.000 participants. Also, RCS Sport has entrusted AIM Group with accommodation management for the staff and athletes involved in all its competitive cycling events in Italy for the two-year period 2023-2024, including the renowned Giro d’Italia; the International Olympic Committee (IOC) appointed the Group as Official Provider for the organization of its Medical Events, including the IOC World Conference on the Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport.
  • A New Brand Identity. In 2022, the Group unveiled a fresh and engaging new brand identity and redesigned its logo, website, and corporate image, to better represent its current mission and market position. The rebranding project was conceived and developed by AIM Communication, the group’s communication hub.
  • AIM Phygital Platform. The design and development of a proprietary web-based platform, able to host immersive virtual events, including back-office management tools for hotel room allocations, travel arrangements, and transfers.
  • Towards a more sustainable industry. As a global enterprise, AIM is committed to promoting economic, environmental, and social sustainability. CSR projects included support for the ‘Enzo Buongiorno’ Rehabilitation Centre in Burundi, participation in the global Net Zero Carbon pledge and the Food for Good program.

“Our focus is upon fostering human connections, and our new brand identity reflects the way in which we can now do this even more effectively by offering broader integrated support to our clients in areas such as conceptual design, communication, community engagement and consultancy.” adds Gianluca Buongiorno. “Closer collaboration between our three areas of specialist expertise – events, communication and consultancy – has been fundamental to our internal restructure and has laid a solid foundation for business success and growth”.

The full Annual Report, incorporating AIM’s financial results, achievements and activity, is available online.

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