Three Concept of Meeting Architecture Create valuable Networking
Three Concept of Meeting Architecture Create valuable Networking
Clients: Global Financial Institution
Location: Milan (Italy)
Solution: Meetings and Corporate Events
How to focus on processes, tools and content to develop the meeting’s design

AIM Group International was commissioned by one of the largest global financial institutions specialising in the private sector of developing countries, to organise their biannual meeting. The event would bring together 400 delegates from 56 countries. The challenge for AIM Group was to bring everything together within a five months timetable. On the spot timing, the capacity to be intuitively aware regarding the start-up of activities and our fine-tuned reactivity in providing great solutions has distinguished AIM Group as a company with a team that is accustomed to facing different/ difficult situations and needs.

This meeting presented significantly complex needs. First, how to identify “ad hoc”  solutions for the set-up and preparation of networking events where there were high expectations. Past events had always been held in large hotel convention centres but this event would be held in a luxury hotel whose spaces did not lend themselves to how this event was normally organised. Therefore the plenary had to be reduced, there would be smaller spaces for the main sessions as well as group work and there was a need to create dedicated spaces to ensure important networking experiences both during formal and informal moments. The project presented challenges and high expectations since the meeting,  held every other year, is fundamentally strategic for the development of the client’s partnership network.


The AIM Group team started by identifying the three main concepts of the meeting architecture that would give what the client needed:


Definition of work modalities with the client (meeting’s owner) in order to be innovative and develop the meeting’s design. Since the staff of the client had no practical knowledge of the spaces, we set up a two- day site visit where we simulated all the events (plenary sessions, evening events, and the closing dinner)  to show the reliability of our solutions.


Definition of formats, technologies, and a design that would have a real impact on the participants in terms of networking and exchange.

The traditional cabaret configuration that was initially requested was not possible because of the size of the room. We proposed an amphitheatre-like solution where the chairs were positioned more in a semicircle. This mix of theatre and audience space created a better networking platform. The space naturally “embraced” the participants and they felt closer to the presenters. There was also a need for more seating so few round tables with chairs were set up in the back of the hall. This provided very effective and natural spaces for various working groups allowing spontaneous exchanges.


Other important components of the meeting architecture such as production, formats and key speakers were defined in accordance with the client’s objectives. These components were mainly creative ideas for more opportunities to network.


During the five months of intense preparation, AIM Group fostered open communication and interaction with the client. This encouraged a winning team spirit that increased the relationship of trust between the client and  AIM  Group and that allowed to create a meeting that offered lively discussions and important cultural events.

  • The timeline required by the customer was carried out with precision in a timely manner.
  • The plenary hall, in its diverse configurations, proved to be very efficient despite strong initial doubts.
  • The social program that articulated over three evenings was a success in terms of networking. The Gala Award, held the last evening at The Science and Technology Museum, proved to be a real “wow” event. Thanks to excellent coordination between the teams that did the audio-video set-up and decorated the hall, we were able to add a “special” touch to an otherwise austere meeting.


From Evaluation Survey

These results are exceptional. AIM Group worked to provide diverse opportunities for participants to make valuable connections with industry colleagues and corporate clients. We are honored to have earned the respect of the client and the request to organise another event for this financial institution.


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