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Events, Communication, Consultancy:
three talented teams that interact and work together
to design experiences, ideas and solutions.


AI-Powered Multilingual Translation debuts at RHSC General Membership Meeting in Accra

The international General Membership Meeting of RHSC was celebrated in Ghana with a strong link...

Hospital Pharmacists at the Forefront of SIFO Congress 2023

Held in Rome, with over 3,000 participants, the congress witnessed the engagement of important institutional...

Great success for the first edition of Agevity: the longevity forum will have a bright future

Significant media attention, participation of esteemed institutions, internationally renowned speakers from various domains, discussions on...
AIM Group Annual Report
2022 edition
We take the initial brief, we clarify the wireframe, we draft SEO-oriented content and then we design striking websites which attract audiences.

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