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Re-thinking Multiple Sclerosis Disease

This multi-hub CME event in 13 different cities brought together the neurologist community to discuss progress on diagnosis and early treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

The event offered Neurologists an opportunity to be updated and to re-think the pathology of Multiple Sclerosis disease, in the light of the most recent clinical research and new therapies.

The objective of the 'Re-think MS' event was to revise the evaluation criteria for MS based on the new research and therapies available.  The international panel of experts and specialized centers from throughout Italy were brought together in this event promoted by AIM education, with the unconditional support from Novartis.

To facilitate busy Neurologists and encourage a real discussion between colleagues, it was decided to organise a hybrid and multi-location format. In the main studio in Rome, 9 speakers from the scientific board (one of whom connected remotely) broadcast the training sessions, while the 180 participants were connected live in 13 different locations, engaging on questions at the end of each session.

The first part of the day involved a joint event broadcast live from Rome which was projected on big screens in the 13 locations. In the afternoon each local group analyzed its own clinical cases, discussing with the contribution of 50 local speakers. Everyone was encouraged to comment on findings during the joint session in the morning. The event was CME accredited both for the joint part and for each local event.

AIM Education was the CME Provider for this event defining and developing the training content and sponsor engagement. AIM Communication supported the realization of the event, developing the creative concept and visual identity.

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