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Great success for the first edition of Agevity: the longevity forum will have a bright future

Significant media attention, participation of esteemed institutions, internationally renowned speakers from various domains, discussions on crucial issues relevant to both the present and future, positive feedback from the broad audience (companies, non-profit organisations, researchers, individuals, etc.): the success of the kick-off event Agevity 2023. Longevity, Society, Economy, Future, held in Milan on October 3rd at Palazzo Mezzanotte, confirms the value proposition of this new, innovating platform promoted by the Silver Economy Network in collaboration with Assolombarda.


An innovating, fully inclusive format

The Italian population is increasingly aging, triggering a demographic revolution that requires a significant cultural shift in society to ensure a continuous increase in life expectancy and healthy years lived. Agevity represents the first national platform for dialogue between businesses, institutions, and citizens, aimed at developing a common vision for the longevity economy in Italy. It promotes and values innovations, projects, products, and services to ensure longevity for today’s and tomorrow’s societies. Agevity is the flagship project of the Silver Economy Network, the first Italian network with a potential base of over 150,000 companies dedicated to developing innovative solutions and services for the longennials.

The forum unfolded throughout the day with 6 plenary sessions focusing on the most significant content and featuring 50 internationally renowned speakers, including the Minister of Tourism, the President of the Lombardy Region, the Dean of Bocconi University, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health, representatives from the Bank of Italy, the President of ISTAT, the Extraordinary Commissioner of INPS, and more. Additionally, a Report on the Longevity Economy designed on purpose, full of interesting insights, was presented at the Forum.

Interactive activities like 12 workshops and an innovation lab stimulated the sharing of ideas and best practices and deepened discussions on projects and offerings dedicated to the silver economy. One notable initiative involved the compilation of a list of ‘100 words defining longevity’, which was conducted both online through the event’s website and in person by a team of young volunteers who interviewed individuals from the silver generation, spanning all age groups.

Over 400 people attended the forum, with 10 exhibitors and a wide range of partners and supporters representing the whole sphere of the Longevity stakeholders, from Universities to Public Health Institutions, from companies to non-profit organisations and associations, who animated a series of workshop sessions with key themes and development proposals.

“In 2050, nearly half of the population will be over 55 years old, and we believe it is essential to lead rather than passively undergo this change by identifying the needs of our society with concrete solutions: new businesses that can develop innovative senior-friendly solutions; new policies that protect and enhance the society we live in,” explained Mariuccia Rossini, President of the Silver Economy Network. “With AGEVITY, we aim to contribute to the creation of a Think Tank that connects all age groups, from the young to the seniors, to foster a shared vision for future longevity, making Italy a hub of excellence in the world for research, innovation, entrepreneurship, policies, and systemic collaboration.”

An innovative and forward-thinking proposal

AIM Group has been involved in this project from its early stages, taking an active part in designing the event, recognizing the strategic relevance of the overall project and its format, which is definitely new for Italy. AIM Group shared the organizers’ focus on this segment, the significant opportunities of the longevity economy, and the need to network among companies, public and private operators, to fully develop all potentialities by promoting the exchange of knowledge, collaboration, and business.

Being a part of this innovative project is a strategic choice for AIM Group. We decided to support Agevity with our know-how and to offer our experience in organising international events and forums and our expertise in communication to be a strategic partner of the event” says Gianluca Scavo, CEO of AIM Group International. “Staying at the forefront of the silver economy allows us to gain in-depth knowledge of the sector, which can help us anticipate market trends and offer services that respond to emerging needs with targeted communication strategies and strategic partnership opportunities”.

The longevity economy is not just about the economic and financial aspects but also about promoting the well-being and quality of life of older people. “We believe that an event like the Forum, even in its future development, can contribute to public awareness of important issues related to aging and improving well-being despite advancing age, enabling positive social change and drawing attention to appropriate policies. In summary, AIM Group firmly believes in the value of the network and the Forum, and we want to contribute to their growth,” adds Scavo.


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