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Bone House: where the public touch and feel science at first-hand

Bone House is a place where people can discover, experiment and learn how to keep their bones healthy.

November 9-10 2019, hundreds of people gathered in the foothills of Rome for an innovative health promotion event in the beautiful Villa Miani. The entire event centred around practical activities to raise awareness about the importance of keeping bones healthy at every age.

The “House of Bones”  offered each visitor a complete experiential path from individual visits with physicians to diagnostic screenings as well as scans to evaluate bone density.  Appointments with nutritionists provided a great opportunity to get hands on advice on the dietary habits needed to maintain healthy bones.

Educational videos about correct lifestyles were showed. While other interactive activities allowed the participants to learn using the 5-senses path. Participants could also attend cooking workshops and even gym and dance classes.


Did you know ballroom dancing increases overall bone density, strenght, balance and coordination?


Children were invited to play and learn using a friendly mascot called Mister Bone, which allowed smaller children to learn about the importance of keeping their bones healthy, even at a young age.

You can check out this VIDEO to learn more about the activities:                                                                                         


This meeting was the first of its kind. The main goal of the organizers was to raise awareness about bone related issues and prevention, but mostly to open the dialogue between the public and specialists in the field. There is often a lack of knowledge in the general public about the role of Orthopedists in bone fragility. People usualy only consult doctors when a limb has been broken.

The event was held during the Italian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology (SIOT) 104th Congress. The Society wanted to take the opportunity to reimagine the way the Society and the medical speciality interacts with the public, the local community and the resident healthcare professionals, while delivering a high quality content at the conference.

SIOT, together with the Italian Foundation for Research on Bone Diseases (FIRMO) took a bold step in re-imagining the future of medical congress. AIM Group International was delighted to play its role as consultants, event and logistic experts. We ensured that the community was fully integrated into the event, that their needs were understood and concrete solutions were realised.

Great first take! let’s now work on next year’s meeting!

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