ICSES 2022
ICSES 2022
Clients: ICSES 2022 International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
Location: Rome, Italy
Solution: Conference Management (PCO)
Successful bids lie in a deep understanding of the bidding process

Held every three years, the ICSES congress is a top-level meeting for surgeons who specialise in shoulder and elbow surgery. The Local Organising Committee worked closely with AIM Group International and had two main objectives:

1)  Winning the bid that proposed Rome as the ideal destination for ICSES 2022

2)  Presenting the congress venue “La Nuvola”, the new congress centre of Rome still under construction.

This was a difficult challenge – how to guarantee that the facilities, not yet completed, would be operational as well as present the new conference centre in a way that enabled the judging audience to virtually browse the location in order to connect them to the physical place.

A dedicated bidding team was defined 8 years in advance (we started in 2014) and the team was comprised of AIM Group International, the Local Organising Committee, the venue and a technological partner.

At the first selection, Rome was chosen by the European Shoulder and Elbow Society board (SECEC) as the bidding European destination while the second step was to win the final vote, in Jeju (Korea), during the 2016 ICSES Congress and Rome was competing with destinations from di erent continents. 


In-Depth Analysis and Strategic Innovation Approach:

1) Research and Study

• Competitor analysis and benchmarking

We studied the competing cities and the competing local scientific societies to understand how we could be stronger than them and, consequently, on which elements we needed to direct our efforts and set-up our candidacy.

• A thorough study of the previous edition of the Congress

We analysed the key aspects of the previous edition of the ICSES Congress to find out which details to focus on to make Rome appealing to the Congress Committee.

It was clear that technology and innovation played a primary role as well as the accuracy of all the organisational details.

2) Working on the presentation

• Enhance the destination

The proposal of Rome had to highlight:


– The natural beauty of our city (artistic and monumental profile)
– The logistic aspects
– The favourable climatic conditions

We also had to show high professionalismorganisational efficiencyinnovative capacity and the ability to face the continuous changes of our times.

• High impact presentation of the Congress Centre providing an immersive experience

This was the real challenge because the conference centre was still under construction so we decided to experiment with a virtual reality demo.
That virtual reality experience was created to guide people around the completed project in incredible detail. Working with our technological partner in their digital recording and broadcast studio, we were able to create a presentation video that included the two chairpersons of the congress in a virtual tour of the venue.

This innovative video, combining the technology of green screen and graphic animation, allowed the presentation of the venue in an engaging and immersive way.

In particular, the video created a 3D environment to show the layout and the functions of the spaces which, for this occasion, were customised with the graphic layout of the event to further support the candidature.

• Concrete and smart proposals

The bid team put great attention to the details of an event which is 8 years away. For instance, we planned the organisation of a unique Golf Competition at the same Golf Course that in 2022 will also host the Ryder Cup, one of the world’s greatest sporting events.


Thanks to the fact that we submitted concrete proposals and demonstrated excellent organisation for an event that will take place 8 years from now, the audience recognised the team’s outstanding and active work behind the scenes. The brilliant presentation with all the information – not just a PowerPoint but a strategic communication project – convinced everyone on the advantages of hosting the event in Rome. The congress will welcome more than 3,000 participants from all over the world, a victory that confirms that successful bids lie in a deep understanding of the bidding process, experience, a dedicated team, knowledge of the destination and careful planning.


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