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The Make Sense Campaign 2021 kicks off today. The Italian edition is signed by Gas Communication

AIOCC (Italian Association of Head and Neck Oncology) has entrusted for the fourth consecutive year the agency specialized in health communication, part of AIM Communication, with the task of designing and managing the integrated awareness campaign on head and neck cancers carried out with the unconditioned support of Merck.

The Make Sense Campaign 2021, a European awareness campaign dedicated to promoting the early diagnosis of head and neck cancers, realised with the unconditioned support of Merck, kicks off today. The fourth national edition in Italy, commissioned by AIOCC (Italian Association of Head and Neck Oncology), is designed and managed, for the fourth consecutive year, by Gas Communication, a Media Relations and PR agency specializing in health communication, part of AIM Communication.

Ignoring the symptoms doesn’t erase the problem. In head and neck cancers, a medical check can save your life”, this is the claim of the communication campaign that has a clear call to action with a strong visual impact: the photo of a face torn in half, indicating that pretending not to see the symptoms does not solve the problem, which instead must be addressed with early diagnosis. The hashtag already used in previous editions #tienilatestasulcollo is confirmed and metaphorically invites you to be responsible and at the same time take care of your head and neck.

The integrated communications campaign includes the realisation of a dedicated website where it is possible to book free online video advices with specialised doctors, a campaign on social media, through the profiles of AIOCC, the creative concept and related graphic materials, the organization of a press conference at the Senate in Rome, broadcasted live on AIOCC Facebook channel, and the press office activity.

“We are really glad to support once again AIOCC in the implementation of this international awareness campaign in Italy” comments Giuliana Goggi, CEO of Gas Communication. “For the second year, due to the pandemic, we had to limit the campaign to the digital environment, but the creative strategy and the mix of channels and actions put in place allowed us to effectively communicate to the media, the medical community and the public opinion the prevention messages on head and neck cancers and the tools for a first approach to medical advice online. That’s the result of a perfect teamwork between the creative, media relation and digital teams, which is the reason of the success of many other campaigns signed by Gas Communication".

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