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The Home Edition of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags debuts with record numbers

AIM Group and AIM Communication supported Riva del Garda Fiere & Congressi to launch and realise the first digital edition of the annual reference fair for volume footwear and accessory.


To transform the crisis into an opportunity. That is how we might summarise the happy conclusion of the digital edition of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags, which, in quick time, responded to the difficulties of the current time. This International Footwear & Accessory Fair is usually held twice a year in Riva del Garda, in January and June, but this year they needed to re-think the format, moving to hybrid, and reinforce its communication.

A digital marketspace plus a virtual stage of speakers

It was decided to realise a digital marketspace where exhibitors could present their catalogues of products and meet buyers in one-to-one appointments. The platform, enriched by artificial intelligence features, allowed to make buyers in contact with the products and exhibitors more relevant for them, according to their real interests.

Furthermore, for the first time, it was decided to offer the opportunity to deepen the industry topics thanks to the Expo Riva Show programme, a virtual stage where 34 speakers alternated, belonging to leading businesses in the international footwear scene.

The results of the digital event, held 16-19 January, are really satisfying: 222 companies present in the exhibitors’ area attracted a record of over 21,000 views, and almost 9,000 products were consulted in the catalogue by over 1,800 registered buyers. The Home Edition of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags has not closed its doors just yet: the platform will remain active and the concrete dialogue will continue over the coming months with a varied programme of six live talks and presentations about the challenges, innovations and new business models related to the industry.

New digitals formats as a restart for events

“The schedule of Expo Riva Schuh proved to be an important opportunity for all buyers and companies who have always chosen the Riva del Garda marketplace, and which was successfully replicated by a highly performing digital platform. Despite the health and economic emergency, the confirmation of this appointment, in an unprecedented format, represents one of the keystones for a restart with a new spirit”, underlines Alessandra Albarelli, managing director Riva del Garda Fiere e Congressi.

A renewed image and communication to launch the new event

AIM Group International supported the realisation of the Expo Riva Show, managing the organisational secretariat and the simultaneous translation, choosing the facilitator dedicated to foster engagement and keep attention high, managing the technical production of the live sessions of the show and recording and broadcasting of all the videos.

AIM Communication, in particular, provided this first digital event with a new communication plan, to strengthen its image and promote the participation of exhibitors and buyers, including brand strategy and design, all communication assets, promotional videos, newsletter, social media, etc.

We took this challenge with enthusiasm and supported to realise a brand-new digital event, first of its kind, in a short time. Sharing the same level of professionalism and approach to innovation, it was a real pleasure collaborating with the client and giving exhibitors and buyers of footwear and accessory industry the opportunity to meet and discuss despite the pandemic, thanks to a rich programme of live talks, digital conferences, presentations and testimonials”, comments Marica Motta, Sales Operations Coordinator AIM Group International.


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