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SIPRO: sharing the mission to launch a new scientific society

A group of dentists in collaboration with AIM Group founded a new scientific society to involve the largest number of professionals focusing on education, events and an integrated communication plan.

At the end of 2021 a group of dentists decided to establish a new scientific association dedicated to the area of dental prosthesis. Their charter values include inclusiveness, openness, and democratisation of the associative practice, with the aim of involving the largest number of professionals, including dental technicians, odontologists and university representatives (students and professors).

Thus, was born SIPRO, the Italian Society of Dental Prosthetics and Oral Rehabilitation, an important wager carried out by the 109 founding members, together with AIM Group which was involved in the management of the entire project from the earliest stages.

The scientific association intends to pay a great deal of attention to the education of its members, promote their active participation, and foster scientific research, thanks to the connection with universities.

The important cultural and educational program designed for 2022 is very indicative of their commitment. 42 training webinars are already scheduled, the first 6 open to all, then they are reserved only for members and are flanked by 4 NextGen events for young professionals broadcast on the Facebook channel as well as a course on online prosthetics.

A key moment in the association’s first year of life will be the Sipro 1st National Congress to be held in May, in Rome, which has the ambitious goal of gathering 500 people for its first edition.

Important objectives have also been set for membership which in 2022 expects to reach 300 ordinary members, in addition to the founders.

In support of these objectives, the communication plan defined with AIM Communication has a crucial role in making the new association known to the audience of potential members, bring new members and registrations to events. It includes the consultancy for the definition of the brand identity, the desing of the logo, the development of the website, the social media launch and management, a newsletter and some industry media partnership.

The AIM team is supporting the new scientific society in all areas: with Association Management services, administrative and fiscal management, in fund raising (essential for a budget to be built from scratch), for the organisation of the annual congress, the webinars and training events, for the communication campaign, with parameters set by shared growth plan for the next 5 years.

Scientific Associations can play a crucial role in knowledge sharing and education for professional communities, especially during and after the pandemic. We took this opportunity and challenge with enthusiasm, glad to support the SIPRO founding members to launch the new association, connect a large number of dentists still not involved in other associations and to establish a well-know, recognised, active organisation in its field, leveraging all the vast and long experience we have in association management, event organisation and communication” comments Rosangela Quieti, managing director Congress Department AIM Italy.

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