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Live streaming from Europe to China. A new Impact Story on how to multiply the audience

At the ESH Congress held in Barcelona thanks to a live streaming 5.000 additional attendees in the Chinese medical community ere reached. This new Impact Story describes how a multi-hub meeting strengthened the collaboration between European and Chinese associations and opened new and future projects.


AIM Group has organised the ESH Congress from its very first editions, with goals through congress after congress to enable innovative approaches, grow attendance and attract new sponsors. The 2018 edition, in particular, had the objective to broaden the Association’s reach, opening up new markets and mind-sets while maintaining its high scientific and experiential levels. The idea was to go beyond physical borders and creating an articulated project connecting the congress held in Barcelona and the Chinese health professionals community.

“The presentation of the Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension is a real milestone within the ESH Annual Meetings. Because it is so crucial, we identified the session as the right opportunity for both ESH and the Chinese Hypertension League to strengthen the mutual exchange of expertise and scientific knowledge, extending the audience of Guidelines presentation, with the help and expertise of AIM Group” commented Prof. Giuseppe Mancia, executive officer ESH.

We transformed a traditional meeting into a hybrid event, typical of the digital era, and multiplied the audience with an effective technical solution.  With the spread of broadband Internet, tablets and 4G smartphones, live streaming has become highly accessible from personal devices and other platforms. In this way we diversified the congress’ media channels realising a multi-hub event the yielded two real gatherings and one virtual community.

While 2,500 delegates attended the real event in Barcelona an additional 100 physicians gathered in Beijing and 5,000 online health professionals of the Chinese Hypertension League followed the live event and interacted with Q&A. This was a great number considering that it was almost midnight in China and testifies to the appreciation of this opportunity.

Positive results obtained through this method motivate the promotion of new powerful projects in 2019 with the goal to extend the reach even further.

Innovation with a solid strategy is always worth it!

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