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European Robotics Forum 2024: Gathering visionaries, raising robotics expertise

The European Robotics Forum 2024, held in Rimini from 13-15 March under the scientific guidance of the University of Bologna, successfully fostered collaboration and innovation in the field of robotics.


The European Robotics Forum 2024 has been meticulously organised and has proved to be a vital convergence point for end-users, researchers and technology producers. Designed to strengthen industrial competitiveness, drive scientific progress and stimulate networking among stakeholders, the event has redefined the landscape of robotics applications. The rich programme spanned diverse industrial and research sectors, providing a unique opportunity to boost the competitiveness of the entire region.
This is the first time that the event has been organised by the AIM Group as a full PCO, whereas in previous editions it has collaborated to organise the event in other European countries.


Seamless interaction: The essence of the Forum

The face-to-face gathering at the prestigious Rimini Convention Centre brought together plenary sessions, workshops and paper sessions, providing a platform for in-depth interaction. The lively social agenda not only facilitated the exchange of ideas, but also forged new alliances. The extensive exhibition area was a testament to international excellence, showcasing the latest technologies and ideas from 67 sponsoring/exhibiting companies.


Unprecedented gathering of experts

With more than 1.000 delegates, including leading academics and industry professionals, the Forum promised a dynamic exchange of knowledge.
A group of delegates embarked also on a technical visit to the Ducati factory, highlighting the real-world applications of robotics in manufacturing.
The event also involved local students, with up to 300 students from several schools in Rimini able to visit the Expo area and take part in the Robotics Challenge.


Robotics Challenges: A showcase of imagination

From 13 to 15 March, several teams competed in exciting robotics challenges across 1,200 square metres. From dog races to drone flights and fabrication challenges, the competitions have become a tradition, showcasing the skills of both students and professionals.


Honouring Excellence: Awards Ceremony

On 14 March, the Awards Ceremony spotlighted outstanding contributions, including the prestigious “Georges Giralt Ph.D. Award”. This recognition underscored the Forum’s commitment to celebrating outstanding work and its impact on the robotics landscape.


Driving social impact: Charity Run for Rimini Autism

Beyond the technical realm, the Forum also included a charity run, the proceeds of which were donated to Rimini Autism. This initiative, rooted in a tradition that began in 2019, reflected the robotics community’s commitment to supporting local causes.


Communication and sustainability: Setting new standards

AIM Group and Eurobotics worked together to ensure seamless communications for the event. To minimise environmental impact, the Forum embraced sustainability by limiting physical materials and opting for online accessibility via an app.

As the main organiser, AIM Group brought the European Robotics Forum 2024 to the forefront and delivered a transformative experience for attendees. This gathering of visionaries and experts not only redefined the trajectory of robotics, but also served as a catalyst for unprecedented collaboration and innovation.

“Our heartfelt gratitude to all participants and collaborators who made the European Robotics Forum 2024 a resounding success. This gathering of visionaries and experts has not only redefined the trajectory of robotics but also served as a catalyst for unprecedented collaboration and innovation. We are looking forward to building on this momentum in the future” says Serena Lamarucciola, Project Leader, AIM Group.

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