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Coming back to in-person events in Italy

With the limitations lifted, AIM Group is supporting some important organisations to organise their first in-person events and big annual meetings.

In Italy, as of July 1st, it is possible to realise in-person events again, with preventative measures and some limitations to the maximum capacity and participants. Finally, it is a real and concrete coming back to face-to-face meetings. The AIM Group teams are committed from the first few days of July to organise some events for important organisations and institutions.

We supported the entrepreneurial association Cdo (Compagnia delle Opere) of Milan and its president Andrea Dellabianca to realise their annual social dinner in Milan, gathering companies, entrepreneurs and members to finally discuss face to face, networking and spontaneously sharing time together at dinner. The event involves 400 participants with some institutional guests, for example the Governor of Lombardy Region and some national political representatives, and some sponsors.

Just few days ago, AIM Group supported Assolombarda, industry association representing manufacturing and service companies of Lombardy Region, to realise their General Assembly in Milan. The annual assembly was held in-person at a singular location, a former big engineering industry plant, and involved almost 1.000 participants, including the press, wide set in an outdoor space.

“We are really glad to come back to in-person events and proud to have been chosen by an increasing number of important institutions and organisations” outlines Gianluca Scavo, CEO of AIM Group International. “We believe that the pandemic has emphasised the need to work with reliable and experienced partners. Today quality, professionalism and above all transparency play an even more important role than in the past and as an authoritative market leader operating since more than 60 years, at AIM Group we are at the best position the serve clients and support them realising their events”.

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