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AIM Group launches myRadio Nurse, the first web radio dedicated to Diabetes Specialist Nurses

In times of social distancing, the digital radio offers nurses a new education and knowledge sharing tool that will be enriched with multichannel initiatives.  

AIM Education, a company specializing in education projects, CME accreditation and training events for healthcare professionals, part of AIM Group International, has launched myRadio Nurse, the first digital radio channel entirely dedicated to Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSNs). The project was promoted with the non-conditional support from Sanofi.

The goal of the project is to connect nurses in a simple and direct way, promoting the exchange of information and encouraging the sharing of experiences despite the limitations dictated by the pandemic. Furthermore, it constitutes the first step in a multi-channel project which will be enriched with additional tools and initiatives in the future.

The digital radio also intends to give a voice to DSNs, allowing them to value their competences and experiences and providing useful opportunities for updating and disseminating their skills.

Digital Communication as a solution to present limitations

 “At a time of great commitment and stress for nurses, whose role was further appreciated during the pandemic, we noticed their need for constant discussion, beyond official training days. With support from Sanofi, we decided to create a ‘virtual space’ dedicated to diabetes specialist nurses who have complex and important tasks, relating to patients and the healthcare system” explains Alessandro Scattolin, Managing Director of AIM Education.

The website broadcasts dedicated content (in Italian) including news, insights and interviews with relevant healthcare professionals and nurses. The first cycle of broadcasts will be divided into 25 weekly episodes, broadcast live every Thursday at 6 p.m., comprising four blocks of podcasts as follows:

1. News (5 minutes). News of the week to include insights from the world of diabetes followed by listener comments.

2. Theme of the Week (10 minutes). In-depth interview on a topical issue from the field of diabetes nursing.

3. Take care of yourself (4 minutes). A column dedicated to the physical and psychological well-being of nurses. Nutrition, motivation, concentration, breathing, physical exercise: theoretical and practical tips proposed by experts or testimonials.

4. Nurses Voices (3 minutes). Stories, initiatives, messages, and questions from listeners.

Among the topics that will be addressed during the broadcasts, there will be patient empowerment, specialist issues related to diabetes (e.g. pathology, diabetic foot, diabetic neuropathy), diabetes and sexuality, risk management and assistance, legal issues and remote patient training.

“We are pleased to be able to contribute to the realization of this project, which enhances and at the same time concretely supports the work of nurses specialised in diabetes. As also emerged in the latest edition of World Diabetes Day, nurses can make a difference, because they represent an essential point of reference for patients with diabetes and their families, from the moment of the first diagnosis to understanding the disease, and its daily management, well beyond the simple therapy” declares Katia Massaroni, Country Medical Head General Medicines di Sanofi.

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