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AIM Group International Inaugurates New Headquarters in Milan: “Celebrating the Beginning of a New Phase, Looking Towards the Future”

AIM Group International yesterday inaugurated the offices of its new Milan headquarters with an event that involved all employees in a moment of celebration and sharing.

“The inauguration of our new offices in Milan marks the beginning of a new era for AIM Group,” said Gianluca Buongiorno, President of AIM Group. “We are moving on from our previous headquarters in via Ripamonti, which has served us well and enabled us to grow and establish ourselves in the national and international market. We are looking confidently to the future”.

The event, held yesterday, reflected the Group’s focus on the future. The theme was ‘realising dreams and imagining the future’, while the long history of the Group was celebrated through the screening of a video highlighting the 64-year journey of business.

The new headquarters, located at Viale Enrico Forlanini 23, provides a modern and welcoming space for over 200 professionals. The structure has been designed to foster interaction and collaboration between teams and the cross-pollination of different business areas, teams, and functions. It includes various meeting rooms, as well as ample open-space areas and social areas.

“The spirit of collaboration among teams is essential to create and deliver innovative solutions to our clients,” states Gianluca Buongiorno. “AIM Group is dedicated to co-creating and delivering impactful solutions through the collective efforts of our employees, who bring a diverse range of skills, experiences, ages, cultures, and talents to the table.”

“The relocation to the new offices represents a significant advancement in the Group’s growth strategy and reflects our dedication to maintaining competitiveness in an ever-changing market,” states Gianluca Scavo, CEO of AIM Group. “This is a fundamental aspect of our development-oriented industrial plan, which also includes a review of activities to enhance our competitiveness and a reorganization of the structure to best leverage the skills of our leadership team.”

“In reflection of our long history, which began with Enzo Buongiorno in 1960, I extend my sincerest gratitude to all those who, at all levels and in every role, have made a valuable contribution to successfully navigating this challenging and exciting journey together, which has brought us to this point and will lead us to build the AIM of the future,” concludes Gianluca Buongiorno.

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