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2017 A year of Consolidation

AIM Group presents its 2017 Annual Report: Positive EBITDA, better profitability of international offices, diversification of business and outstanding quality of events are among the 2017 major accomplishments.


For over 58 years, AIM Group International has built its success on a profound understanding of the client’s needs and by applying a consistent and compelling strategy that creates value.


This success is also based on the company’s ability to adapt its organisation to the ever-changing market and 2017 was no exception. The AIM Group’s 2017 Annual Report states positive economic results.

“It is my honour to report important results that include the strengthening of our business” says Gianluca Buongiorno, president AIM Group International. “During 2017 we focused on increasing competitiveness in all our target markets and continuing our robust economic development. The Group is positioned as a well-known reference point for clients and several international awards received in 2017 have confirmed the quality and value of our work”.

Innovation is part of the Group’s DNA. In 2017 AIM Group expanded the number of clients, from corporate pharma and non-pharma fields, with a realistic outlook for more growth in the future, and made steps towards diversification of the business both geographically and in services provided.

Another result is the ability to provide highly-relevant services for clients across many countries: the network of AIM Group International Offices, thanks to organisational optimisations and new business, became stronger, with  increased profitability.

In regard to the details of the economic results, the 2017 Consolidated Balance is positive with an EBIDTA of 2 million euro and an overall turnover of 87,5 million euro, which overcomes 100 million euro when including those companies not fully owned by the Group. “We are particularly satisfied by the EBITDA results, which have always been positive in our story and confirm the solidity of our managerial strategy” outlines Gianluca Buongiorno, president AIM Group. “Our Board of Directors is deeply committed in the implementation of our long-term strategy of sustainable value creation, based on strong governance and by setting an appropriate tone at the top. This ensures the long-term health of our company enabling us to deliver dependable value over time.”

2017 Highlights:

  • 2017 Consolidated Results: Turnover 87,534,000 euro, Direct costs 72,119,000 euro, Staff Costs 13,320,000 euro, EBITDA  2,095,000 euro (2%).
  • 3,200 events organised with 420,000 delegates managed, 430,000 room nights booked, 20,000 square meters of sold exhibition spaces, in 350 different locations.
  • Several international awards received for outstanding events projects.
  • The improvement of the Global Hotel programme with an increased number of signed partnership and a yearly hotel production of almost 40 million euro.
  • The launch of a new web-based E-learning platform dedicated to training the AIM Group staff

The 2018-2021 Business Plan set new goals and ambitious challenges.

“In conclusion, these positive results give us a stronger determination to reach our future goals by continuing the smart, steady and passionate work we have demonstrated in the past” ends Gianluca Buongiorno.
The complete 2017 Annual Report can be read and downloaded from the AIM Group’s website.


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