Clients: European Society of Hypertension
Location: Milan, Italy – worldwide online
Solution: Conference Management (PCO)
At the 29th European Meeting of Hypertension a new sponsorship opportunity was offered: an exclusive Web TV channel which provided personalised content and selected sessions from the scientific programme. This was a great innovation, which was cost-effective and ticked all the boxes for the Society and for the sponsors. The audience of a streamed symposium increased by 145% with many new listeners from outside Europe.

The European Society of Hypertension wanted to broaden the reach of its high quality scientific content, especially to potential members and countries. The corporate sponsors also wanted to reach new markets, outside Europe. They were keen to strengthen their message-appeal using new digital communication methods.


After the introduction of a successful online broadcast of the 2018 scientific program, AIM Group suggested offering the Web TV as a sponsorship opportunity for the 2019 congress.

The Web TV was a win-win situation for ESH and their sponsors. The channel was available on the congress website, it was easily accessible via the congress app and displayed on big screens located in the social area. All the videos were made available on-demand for one year, which extended the life of the meeting beyond its live context.

Sponsors could freely add their own content to the broadcast including: interviews with company representativescorporate videos, a welcome messages; as well as their Satellite Symposium. One pharmaceutical company sponsored the simultaneous translation of its Sponsored Satellite Symposium into Chinese and Russian. Making the Web TV available in three different languages.

The channel was communicated to the congress participants and was clearly visible on the congress website and app. The pharmaceutical company that sponsored the channel was in a position to reinforce their own communication like inviting international physicians to virtually attend events that were being broadcast.


To discover more about ESH WEB TV, watch the video on YouTube:


The online Web TV turned the congress from a traditional format to a proper hybrid event.

The sponsor benefits were numerous:

  • Global reach. Sponsors reached larger audiences including healthcare professionals who were not attending ESH and many located outside Europe. Thus overcoming the physical limits of the event and widening the scope of their communication.
  • On-demand content. Sponsors were able to provide personalised content which was available on-demand for one year, extending the duration of the communication and overcoming time zone issues.
  • Cost-effective solution. The channel was a cost-effective way to reach a large number of target audiences.
  • Data analytics.  The online platform tracking system provided excellent data across a wide range of parameters including: viewer habits, choices, preferences, time spent, etc. The data could then be used to tailor the approach and the content for future events.
  • Teaser for next event. It provided an excellent opportunity to publicise the next congress to new audiences. Sponsors could also use the data for their own future communications and event invitations.

Case History

Live stream of a Scientific Symposium from ESH Congress in Milan, resulted in record viewer numbers, with the total amount of single viewers surpassing 1.5 times the actual attendees present. 850 healthcare professionals connected via web over the 350 physically present (+145%). The sponsor’s objective to reach healthcare professionals in regions outside Europe, in particular from China and Russia were firmly met, with Chinese viewers making up the largest group, followed by Italy, IndonesiaRussia and the United States.

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