Increasing Reputation and Strengthening Image
Clients: UniCredit Group
Location: Brussels, Belgium (2014); Rome, Italy (2015)
Solution: Meetings and Corporate Events / Communication Agency
Team-based model that brought a high quality programme and a consistent communication plan to live

The East Forum Conference, organized by UniCredit and the geopolitical magazine East, in partnership with the European Council on Foreign Relations, brings together each year international representatives of the economy, politics, journalism and diplomacy around topical questions with particular reference to Europe, the changing labour market, innovation and investments. Since 2014, UniCredit has asked AIM Group International to organize the Forum with the following objectives:

  • Emphasize the role and increase the reputation of UniCredit as a leading international bank.
  • Highlight its commitment to crucial economic and financial topics with global impact.
  • Strengthen the image of the Forum as an annual meeting that involves institutional, financial and academic environments.
  • Stimulate creative thinking and begin to generate debate.

The driving words for the UniCredit East Forum Conferences are change, future, creative thinking, and debate. Which solutions were envisaged by AIM Group to reach these goals?

We defined a team-based model and carefully choose team members according to their knowledge and the skills required for this specific project. The AIM Group team created a high quality programme and worked on the drafting of a consistent communication plan. We worked on:

  • Visual communication design that included appropriate strategic communication through a project with research, analysis, conceptualization, planning and realization.
  • Communication strategies applied to brochures, digital media (animation/videos), and environments (stage, signs systems).
  • Video production with promos.
  • Targeting the online distribution through videos thereby increasing visibility.
  • Implementing and updating the forum website, allowing customers to interact.
  • Forum promotion through on-line media and social media.
  • Planning the selection of invited guests through an accurate process of contacts and communication in order to target more representatives.

Both editions of the Forum, “Growth and employment in the EU”, Brussels, October 2014 and “The Global (dis)order”, Rome, July 2015 had authoritative speakers including ministers, EU directors and presidents of the most prestigious economic and political foundations.

The attendees selected and invited by the AIM team were absolutely consistent with the requested target: journalists (19% of the attendees), business and finance players (28%), members of Parliament and political institutions (12%), association representatives (15%) and academics (5%).

In Brussels, which was a “special” location for the 2014 Forum, AIM Group was able to involve a large number of attendees from European institutions, approximately 20% of the entire audience.

The high level of the event design was reflected in the special event, “The Gold of Italy”, held at the Palais des Beaux-Arts. The guests attended a multimedia night enlivened by the soundtracks of Italian cinema masterpieces, and accompanied by unforgettable images of the works of the great movie directors.

The social media campaign included an intensive communication strategy using Facebook (over 5.500 likes for the Forum page), LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter (over 80.000 views, an average of 850 views per day, with a distinct peak on the day of the live Forum).


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