Data analysis offers an effective means of supporting and focusing the decision-making systems that inform an organization’s strategy.

Such analysis has become a vital marketing tool for many companies. Continuous monitoring enables strategies and decisions to be adapted to changing circumstances and the business model to evolve accordingly.

Good data quality – reliability, consistency and legitimacy – is naturally a pre-requisite.

Once Key Performance Indicators have been defined in line with business objectives, Data Analysis & Performance Tracking facilitates:

• in-depth understanding of user behaviour (both internally and outside the organization) across all channels,
• Enhanced content performance through the optimization of topics, platforms and formats
• The establishment of long-term relationships with stakeholders, increasing loyalty and customer retention.

An example? Analysis of your brand’s reputation online and on social media is a very valuable tool for maintaining and improving relationships with your audience and stakeholders. Monitoring their emotional reactions and conversations enables you to maintain an open and effective dialogue.

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