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Virtual, Digital & Hybrid Events

Immersive experiences to engage your audiences

Reaching larger audiences, expanding the lifespan and scope of your events, experimenting new formats of interaction, engaging your participants through immersive virtual experiences, overcoming physical limits: these are some of the advantages offered by virtual events realised in a digital environment.

Digital events are a new way to interact with your stakeholders and achieve your communication goals. Whether you are an association or a company seeking to realise an event at AIM Group we can help you find the digital solution which best fits your actual needs.

Your Community deserves a Digital Evolution.

Let’s design your Digital Journey together.



Are you looking for new solutions to obtain the most value out of your content, extending the lifespan of your event and overcoming physical distances?

Do you want to experiment and offer your participants innovative, memorable and exciting experiences, that can enrich your face-to-face event with an hybrid format or live stand alone event?

Are you considering cancelling or re-planning your event? 

How do you get full value from digital solutions and embrace change? Going virtual brings many benefits and breaks physical barriers.

You can choose from different digital event formats:

  • Full virtual events with 3D, immersive, realistic layouts which reproduce real locations or artificial set-ups where participants can experience different environments and event sessions.
  • Hybrid solutions, which combines in-presence events with virtual sessions. 
  • Multi-hub & Digital events with in-presence events based in different cities, linked to live broadcasting and full accessiblity online.

Digital platforms allow participants access from all over the globe extending the event attendance. 

You can easily build a larger community with just one click.



Boost your attendees’ knowledge sharing on e-learning platforms or let them dive into a full virtual conference with actual plenary sessions, e-posters and breakout rooms. The participant’s journey is easy and complete: they can access content live or on demand, when it is more comfortable for them and avoid choosing one of the parallel sessions, and they can personalise their educational paths.



Networking and delegate interaction are among the most important objectives that events need to achieve. Thanks to the right tools and design, virtual conference platforms allow participants to interact in many ways, asking speaker’s questions, participating in polling, contributing to an open discussion in chat rooms or forum groups, etc.

Interactive live webinars and virtual meetings provide the backdrop for oral presentations, round tables or keynote speeches with speakers and attendees connected remotely, from all over the world.

Engagement and passion is what your event needs to transfer to the virtual world. 

So enrich the digital strategy with some on-demand content, smart apps, quizzes, gamification, video opening ceremony: virtual emotions are the new event experience.

#virtualemotions #digitalinteraction


Exhibitors and Sponsors can find new, appealing opportunities to reach their audience in a digital environment. A totally virtual exhibition area can allow you offer:

  • personalised virtual stands;
  • digital one-to-one or one-to-many pre-scheduled meetings with company representatives;
  • broadcast a company TV channel
  • publish corporate content like videos, products sheets, presentations, surveys, etc. and organise bespoke virtual symposia.



Our digital event professionals are at your disposal, with multifunctional teams which integrate expertise from different sectors such as technology, communication, web marketing, design, event organisation, sponsorship, association management, etc. Our teams can support clients to identify the best format, platform, tools, interaction, sponsorship opportunities, marketing & communication plans in order to plan and realise effective digital events.



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