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DMC Services

A unique destination experience

Destination Management Companies Services

Our Destination Management Teams are experts in crafting inspiring and tailor-made events all around the world.

What are DMCs all about?

Destination Management Companies are all about build and deliver events that impress alongside a pure local taste.

In order to design high quality events, DMCs live and breathe a location, they get to know the local areas and support associations. (Or DMC acquire a whole understanding of a location)

With almost 60 years of experience and a number of offices worldwide, our purpose is to create tailor-made experiences for each distinct event. Our DMCs listen to the client’s needs,  and then work on the perfect way to satisfy demands, in order to create an absolutely authentic experience.

Our DMC In-depth knowledge & approach

Working with our DMCs will allow you to have an AIM creative consultants team at your hand. They will offer you targeted activities for your event, shaping a powerful and unforgettable experience.

As a result of our years of experience, we can profit from in-depth knowledge about a location and the latest destination updates directly from our associates around the world.

We are a growing international company, with 17 offices around the globe and that can deal with over 150 destinations considering our wide partners network.

Our highly responsive and talented local teams have an in-depth knowledge of their destinations while referring to the Group worldwide knowhow and working standard. That’s how our creative minds pool ideas together!

Why work with a local DMC?

Working with a local DMC provides various advantages, from securing a better Return On Investment (ROI) to a better overall event quality. Here some key reasons why clients can benefit from DMC services:

  • Time saving. Local experts are able to extract and prioritize relevant information, accelerating time-management and the organizational process.
  • Extensive local knowledge. Based on our local experience, we are able to achieve a better quality and more efficient result in an effective way.
  • Economic Savings. With years of experience and trusted relations with local providers, we have a substantial buying power and can negotiate better rates or service upgrades.
  • Risk mitigation and management. Our team is always ready to guarantee the smoothest realisation of the event, even when any changes or unexpected issues arise.
  • A local physical office. Our DMC team is at the client’s disposal for any special needs or emergency in a foreign country.
  • A one-stop-shop. Our DMC will deal with different offers and suppliers, providing you with the best option available.
  • Simplified finances. Having only one partner simplifies accounting and VAT recovery. 
  • Unique experiences. Only a local DMC has the kind of knowledge that can help find the perfect fit for each client.

Our DMC services & solutions

Our strategic approach and budget optimisation can support your experience in various ways:

  • Venue Finding
  • Gala Dinners and Social Programmes
  • Unique Experiences (from exclusive locations to gourmet evenings) 
  • Communication & Event Image
  • Themed Activities & Tours
  • Incentive Programs & Team Building activities
  • Audio/Video Services
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Local Staff, Guest Management
  • Visa Services

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