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Virtual and Hybrid Events: a guide to success 6/7

Sustainable actions and CSR initiatives for virtual events

Online events are much more environmentally sustainable than physical events. This, in itself, should be a strong motivation, despite the fact that we’ve been pushed by what we can’t do in the physical world.

Your attendees do not have to travel. Food waste is dramatically reduced, and all the other forms of waste that come with physical events have disappeared.


To further enhance the eco-friendly message, you can add CSR initiatives that contribute to not only environmental and social benefits, but also a new and transparent way to do green branding and to communicate your commitment to the planet through a concrete and engaging activity.

You can, for example, link the registration fee with a donation to a non-profit or green organisation or promote a fund-raising campaign or fundraising virtual event.


To generate value for the community, public broadcasts can be integrated into the meeting, such as informative webinars on health or environment related subjects. These can then be broadcast for free to the non-paying and non-registered general public, or through a media partnership with a TV or radio station.

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