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Sport è Salute Tennis HUB at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia 2024

Sport e Salute, the public company dedicated to the promotion of sport and a healthy lifestyle, has launched an innovative initiative at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia 2024 (the prestigious IBI2024 tennis tournament) called “Sport è Salute. Tennis Hub“. This project, realised in collaboration with AIM Group International, aims to position the Sport e Salute brand as a key player in the “Sport is Health” narrative by offering an engaging and interactive experience to event visitors.


The Tennis Hub project has three key strategic objectives:

  1. Create an exciting experience: Provoking both emotional and pragmatic responses from participants through innovative sporting activities.
  2. Brand positioning: Establish the Sport e Salute brand as a leader in promoting the importance of prevention and a culture of exercise as a vehicle for well-being.
  3. Activate a conversation: Generate discussions and monitor the actions of the leaders in the short to medium term.


An innovative “phygital” game

During IBI2024, Sport è Salute’s Tennis Hub was set up as an indoor, transparent space where participants could play virtual tennis matches in a phygital environment. The central feature was the Digital Tech Wall, an interactive wall that allowed participants to play tennis, combining physical and technological elements.


An enjoyable and useful experience:

  1. Registration: Participants registered via a QR code at the stand and entered their personal details on a landing page.
  2. Vital signs measurement: Before starting the game, participants wore a smart band that measured anonymously their vital signs at rest for one minute.
  3. Virtual game: Participants played tennis on the LED wall for two minutes, allowing their vital signs to be measured during activity.
  4. Final report: After the experience, participants could download two reports with their resting and active monitoring data, including measurements of blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and body temperature.


The initiative was a huge success:

More than 1.000 people signed up for the experience.

– More than 800 vital signs monitoring sessions were conducted.

– Many former tennis champions, who were present at the stand as ‘legends’, tried the experience, giving the project added visibility.


Moving forward

Sport e Salute plans to replicate and expand this format at other sporting events, including the 2024 European Athletics Championships, which will be held in Rome from 7 to 12 June. At this event, the Sport è Salute activity will be the “Flight Simulator”, offering an equally engaging and technological experience.


The Tennis Hub project at IBI2024 demonstrated how technological innovation can be integrated into sport to promote health and well-being. Through this initiative, Sport e Salute created a memorable experience that emotionally engaged the audience and positioned the brand as a leader in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

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