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Lasting legacy and innovative training formats boost the second edition of SIAARTI Academy

The emergency medical training event, hosted on the island of Lampedusa, engaged the young doctors thanks to a mix of innovation, a team building spirit and ethical motivation.


After the bright success of the first edition last year, the second edition of the SIAARTI Academy CREM (Critical Emergency Medicine), confirmed and multiplied its positive results. This complex training event by the Italian Society for Anaesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care, was held from 20th to 26th May in Lampedusa and organised by AIM Group International, core PCO of SIAARTI.

SIAARTI was eager to find an innovative way to train its young members and in 2017 decided, with AIM Group, to organise a multifaceted event that included classroom training, interactive sessions, hands-on workstations and a maxi simulation of an emergency situation. In the second edition, the number of young physicians coming from 39 specialised schools almost doubled and the outdoor maxi simulation, with its strong emotional impact, included not only a maritime disaster, but also a huge traffic accident with the intervention of rescue helicopters. Young doctors put in place the skills acquired during the training week and played the roles of the victims, the rescuers and the observers.

To implement such a demanding event, the SIAARTI Academy involved important institutional partners such as the Coast Guard, the Italian Relief Order of Malta, Civil Protection and 118 (medical emergency service). The event was again on the island of Lampedusa, sadly known for the landings of migrants and the management of the related crisis, considered as the most suitable place to show the impact of an emergency situation. Choosing a small island, usually not considered for congresses and events of high scientific value, has been a way to leave a positive legacy on the destination and local operators in terms of image, professionalism and economic development.

SIAARTI Academy is a real training Campus, says Prof. Flavia Petrini, President-elected of SIAARTI, where future doctors can face all possible intervention situations and deal with the best technologies while always maintaining human relationships with the patients, a skill we teach daily to young doctors. I would like to thank everyone and in particular the citizens of Lampedusa who once again showed sensitivity to social and health issues and allowed the success of our initiative”.

The innovative format for the first edition received several international awards such as the BEA World Award, the FCE Awards 2018 and the IAPCO Collaboration Award.

We are very proud that, after last year’s resounding success, the second edition was even richer and more effective, says Gaia Santoro, Project Manager of the Congress, AIM Group. The close and long partnership with SIAARTI is crucial for implementing projects which are always innovative and able to achieve ambitious goals.

The SIAARTI Academy CREM in numbers:

  • 6 intense days of work;
  • 35 hours of classroom training;
  • 70 faculty members (teachers and speakers);
  • 22 workstations;
  • A maxi simulation lasting 10 hours and involving 300 people;
  • 6,000 kg of transported material.

Watch the highlights of the event on YouTube SIAARTI Academy 2018 – A Training Format Out-Of-The-Box

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