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GAS Communication has joined PRWA, the premier international alliance of PR agencies

At the PRWA annual assembly in Zagreb, Giuliana Goggi, CEO GAS, presented the agency and met other PRWA members.

PR World Alliance (PRWA) is a partnership which gathers independent public relations, investor relations and public affairs firms.  All members have well-developed competency in a broad range of communication practice areas and industry sectors.

The objectives of the PR World Alliance are to serve as a forum for public relations and communications professionals and firms, both nationally and internationally; to promote best practice and professional ethics among its members; and to provide its members with a platform for exchanging information, knowledge and experience as well as networking in the field of communications.

The association achieves these objectives in various ways. Throughout the year, the latest knowledge, practical experience and excellence in client service is shared in particularly at the regular webinars and at the annual meeting. The alliance not only promotes knowledge exchange but also business collaboration among members. When a member needs to manage an international or cross border communications campaign the PRWA is a perfect place to identify a trusted partner to collaborate with or to recommend to a client.

There are 18 agencies which are members of PRWA most are based in Europe with two agencies in the US and agencies in Latin America and Asia.

The alliance includes one or a limited number of agencies per country.  PRWA is also a partner of “The Network One”, the largest network of PR agencies around the globe which includes hundreds of members. If a PRWA member is looking for a partner PR agency in countries where PRWA is not present, they can refer to The Network One.

“We scouted the international associations of PR agencies and found PRWA was most suited to our needs and characteristics. We are really glad to be accepted as the Italian agency in the PRWA network” says Giuliana Goggi, CEO GAS. “I met the members in Zagreb, and they are all from professional agencies with varied experience and broad scope of clients. We are the only PR agency specialised in healthcare, so the PRWA appreciated the value we can add to the alliance. Expanding the number of clients and establishing new collaborations for cross-border communication projects could be a very interesting opportunity for us to explore. We are eager to start this new experience”.

We are excited to welcome GAS Communications as our member in Italy. The specialization in healthcare is a strong addition to our knowledge base. Above that the quality level of the agency meets our standards on every aspect. So we are very happy to welcome GAS Communication to the PR World Alliance” declares Marianne van Barneveld, Chair of PRWA and owner of Marcommit PR in The Netherlands.

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