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AIM Group takes the IAPCO pledge against plastic waste

Experts claim that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

As we are all responsible for this statistic, IAPCO decided that it is time for action and to make real change, starting with our industry. To make it a little more engaging, the International Association for Professional Congress Organizers recently introduced Ticky The Turtle, the mascot representing this campaign to rid the meetings industry of single-use plastic.

We, together with our mascot AIMy, are more than happy and motivated to join this pledge and make real change ourselves! In order to achieve real measurable change, we start with identifying two parallel paths to follow: a pledge related to our daily life in the office and a pledge around our work during events.

IN THE OFFICE – There are many actions that we have already implemented at our 15 offices. For example, some have eliminated plastic coffee capsules, some supply water coolers, others have a system to filter tap water and many of us bring our own mug to drink coffee. Of course, most offices provide team members with bins for separate waste recovery.

However, there is still work to be done. See below how AIM Group is putting muscle where our commitment is.


AT OUR EVENTS – Our pledge to reduce single-use plastic before, during and after our events, can be supported by strengthening the actual activities already implemented and identifying new solutions to further reduce waste. Also in this case see below how AIM Group is living up to its commitment in regard to events.




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