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Ethics, Governance and Quality

AIM Group International, a leader in the Meeting Industry, is aware of its responsibility to clients and all stakeholders in terms of ethics, sustainability, transparency and quality of service. Parallel to its development as an organisation, the Group has designed instruments that guarantee compliance with these principles and the constant monitoring of their application: a Code of Ethics, Organisational Model and Certified Quality System. These three tools represent AIM Group International’s commitment to best practices.

Ethical code

The Code of Ethics summarises the corporate values of AIM Group International with a commitment to entrepreneurial correctness, fair competition, the enhancement of human resources, loyalty and transparency, professionalism and environmental sustainability and a strict compliance with all laws and regulations.

All managers, employees, collaborators, consultants, business partners and all those acting on behalf of AIM Group must comply with these principles and with the rules of conduct set forth in the Code of Ethics.

  • AIM Group International Codice Etico download 
  • AIM Group International Code of Ethics download

Organisational model

The Italian companies of AIM Group have adopted an "Organisation and management model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001" and have appointed a specific Supervisory Body to ensure compliance and updating of the Model.

The Model contains rules and general principles of correct and linear behaviour, in order to prevent any risk of committing any of the crimes contemplated in the Decree.

It also contains a set of protocols that all employees of AIM Group companies and all those who establish contractual relationships with the Group are required to know and respect.

Quality System certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

One of the peculiar characteristics of AIM Group International since its foundation has been its high standard of quality of service.

In order to guarantee its clients this level of attention, AIM Group has, since 2000, equipped itself with a certified Quality System.

The development of each project in all its various phases and the constant monitoring of the services provided are rigorously managed on the basis of procedures and methodologies aimed at achieving full customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

  • Quality AIM Group International download

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