Adapting and Evolving for
Over 60 Years
Embracing Change and Creating Connections: our vision for the future
Gianluca Buongiorno

Over the past few years, the events industry has undergone a complete revolution and we are very proud that AIM Group International has similarly made transformative changes.

Our growth is inherently linked to the growth of our clients.

AIM Group is characterized by a strong partnership approach, working alongside our clients and stakeholders to adapt and evolve. Our commitment to ongoing dialogue and to understanding clients’ and participants’ changing focus and needs, has enabled us to respond innovatively and creatively to recent challenges and to maintain our position as a recognised leader in our field.

We believe that our readiness to embrace change and challenge, never resting on our laurels, has been a significant factor behind our historic success.

That’s why, in 2022, we decided to reinvent our brand and to unveil a new and engaging corporate identity, which has enabled us to reposition ourselves and better communicate both our current character and our aspirations for the future.

For years, we have excelled as one of the leading PCOs and event organizers. Our focus remains upon fostering human connections, and we can now do this even more effectively by offering broader integrated support to our clients in areas such as conceptual design, communication, community engagement and consultancy.

Closer collaboration between our three areas of specialist expertise – events, communication, and consultancy – has been fundamental to our internal restructure and has laid a solid foundation for growth.

People are the lifeblood of our industry, and our strategic transformation would have been impossible without our talented staff, who have demonstrated exceptional strength and professionalism throughout these challenging years.

This comprehensive and co-ordinated approach means that, after over 60 years in business, we face the future with optimism and enthusiasm, confident both of our current role and of our enormous potential.

Gianluca Buongiorno
President AIM Group International
Gianluca Buongiorno

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AIM Group International is a global, multi-service and everchanging company. We lead the way on conferences, events and communication supporting clients’ growth and success.
Sparking meaningful connections
Meaningful experiences spark meaningful connections. And that’s our mission; our skill lies in creating stronger relationships and conversations between brands and their audiences; associations, sponsors and members; companies and clients, partners or employees.
Let’s do it together!
We build strong and enduring partnerships with our clients, providers and stakeholders. Trust and collaboration are at the heart of all our relationships; when we pool our collective efforts, we can achieve together remarkable results.
Meet, Engage, Think
Events, Communication, Consultancy: three exceptional teams collaborate seamlessly to craft experiences, generate ideas, and provide innovative solutions. Our specialist services complement each other, offering comprehensive support to our clients across all sectors, services and geographic areas.
Let’s Meet
Knowledge underpinned by experience. Our expertise, technology and creative flair allow us to curate captivating experiences that encourage sharing and drive change. Live, digital, or hybrid, we exploit the best channels, formats, and touchpoints to create “augmented events” that endure.
Let’s Engage
Embracing listening and sharing. We facilitate constructive dialogue within communities, focusing on concepts that stand out and have collective resonance.
Let’s Think
Combining our analytic and creative skills to maximise potential. Our goal is to achieve growth and transformation for both corporate and association clients. Integrating diverse areas of expertise allows us to harness a wide-ranging skillset and state of the art processes and technologies, underpinned by a ‘can-do’ corporate culture.
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