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Sport Event Management

AIM can create winning strategies for any sport

We understand that sport is a unique way for any brand to establish a share in the heart and mind of consumers. AIM uses its detailed knowledge of the sector to ensure that client investment is leveraged to its fullest advantage, and we are perfectly placed to align sports with the event and hospitality industries.

We have been working with both sponsors and the teams themselves – and also sports federations – for over a decade. 


We have partnered sponsors in a wide number of different sports and locations, including work for the Red Bull Air Race circuit, and as hospitality providers for the main sponsors at the UEFA Champions League Final. We offer sponsors: 

  • On-site hospitality, logistics and full-service event management
  • Corporate hospitality programmes: design, implementation and management
  • Athlete and celebrity appearance coordination
  • Ticket management
  • Leisure activity and tour coordination
  • Enhanced brand awareness through improvement and measurement of ROI
  • Our programmes are tailored to meet individual needs, and can be customised with brand images to further enhance the integration of the client’s product with the event 


We offer event and logistics support to teams of all levels – amateur as well as professional – to deliver high-quality training facilities and local assistance in our many destinations. AIM works with numerous sports centres and tournaments to ensure teams have a wide range of options for their pre-season training preparation.

We offer access to a unique selection of world-class sports training installations and hotel venues which are suitable for a wide range of sports, including: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Rugby, Hockey, Triathlon/Duathlon, Cycling (Road and MTB), Distance Running, Tennis and Golf.

Our assistance in helping you get the best out of training includes: 

  • Location consulting services – to provide the best location at the right time
  • Site inspections: assisting with all stages of the selection process promptly and efficiently. We understand the timelines that you need to follow. 
  • Arranging accommodation: finding the most appropriate venues for your particular sport. 
  • Dealing with team dining requirements/special dietary needs: we understand your players’ dietary requirements and can deploy special chefs to prepare the food that your team needs to become winners.
  • Ensuring that the team is always accompanied by the best assistants. We understand their needs, and will make them feel at home wherever the team goes.
  • Arranging social programmes to create a suitable distraction away from training, and allow players to unwind. 


Our team of football (soccer) specialists is drawn from several offices in our international network, thus providing a strong group of preferred cross-border partners. Our goal is to provide each team with the best possible travel conditions and logistics and to guarantee a high level of service across multiple locations. We have managed dozens of UEFA Champions League, Europa League and international matches for clubs and national federations. 

Some of the services we provide to assist teams:

  • We provide site inspections at away fixtures just as soon as the draw for the next round of a competition is made, to check issues such as: match venue, hotels, transfer vehicles, training facilities and one-off dining venues.
  • We work to make sure that there is a good level of communication between your team and the host side. 
  • We check preparations to ensure a smooth and secure arrival, allowing you to focus on the game ahead.
  • We meet with suppliers prior to the event to ensure that nothing is left to chance. 
  • We check that the hotel chef understands your menu requirements, that the dining room is set out according to your needs, and that the restaurant staff are well briefed. 
  • We ensure that bedrooms are all allocated appropriately and that the reception area is ready well in advance of your arrival to ensure a smooth check-in. The massage and kit rooms have to be ready so that team staff can get down to work immediately upon arrival. 
  • We make sure the meeting room is set up with the necessary technical equipment.
  • We arrange accommodation and transfers for VIPs, client executives, sponsors and media partners.
  • Where appropriate, we can arrange a social programme for fans, VIPs and particularly the team – who need to relax before focusing and giving their best in the match. 
  • An AIM Project Manager is present on-site throughout, ensuring all aspects of your stay are carried out to your requirements, and to deal with any last-minute requests.

Do you need any assistance with your next project?

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