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Meetings and Corporate Events

The right engagement for your audience

At AIM Group, we support clients in organising effective meetings or corporate events of any size and kind, whether it is a meeting, an incentive programme or a gala dinner. We have several decades’ experience in helping clients who entrust us with providing personalised solutions, customised to the particular event and its challenges, goals and objectives.

We pride ourselves in providing the same personalised and result-oriented solutions, however large or complex the event.

Along with the client, we identify the strategy to design the best event format, contents communication and logistic solutions, and to engage participants with relevant experiences in order to generate an higher ROI (return on investment) and added-value to clients.

Meetings and event effective planning

Strategic thinking, technical-organisational abilities and creativity are the key strengths of AIM Group.

We manage the production of events from strategic conception through to completion and we cover a wide range of activities requiring clear communication, excellent organisational skills and attention to detail. 

We can create and manage strategic multimedia and interactive content, linking logistics and production, also for incentive travel worldwide. We can offer communication services in various product areas, providing integrated and interactive responses to meet client and market demands.

Thanks to a refined project management process we are able to smoothly integrate the complex creative production and technical elements of corporate meetings or events. From event planning, design and creativity, through to production and implementation, we provide total project accountability to our clients. 

The best venues for meeting and event

Each event has different objectives and participants, so the mood and style must be consequently accorded. And so the venue. Our deep understanding of clients’ need and market allow us to find the best location that fit the purpose, being an historical palace, exclusively opened for your event, a contemporary venue, an hotel or a vast and equipped congress centre.

Costs control and budget optimisation

Thanks to the business volume we yearly manage and the long experience in the market, with good collaboration with all the major event providers, we have a strong negotiating power which enables us to valorise the event budget and optimise all the costs. Our project management process and the expertise of the staff are focused on guaranteeing the maximum costs control so that clients can adequately plan their budget and be sure we will manage if they were our costs.


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