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Management Consulting

AIM Group your knowledge and consulting partner

AIM Group has extensive experience advising clients, associations and the corporate world. After 60 years of collaboration with a wide number of corporate and association clients we want to leverage this knowledge and expertise by providing a customised consulting service.

Strategic Management Consulting 

With a deep understanding of our client’s needs, values, mission and culture, we are perfectly placed to help them identify their goals and put in place the most effective plan and actions to achieve them. We offer customised consultancy to respond to clients most critical issues, challenges and opportunities including association management, strategic planning, growth and innovation, business development, corporate and brand strategy, outsourcing solutions services as well as technical solution optimisation and digital transformation

Our aim is to help our clients obtain a sustainable competitive advantage and solid profitability.

Corporate Training & HR Consultancy

Through our collaboration with Challenge Network, we are also in a position to offer training and human resource consultancy. Challenge Network’s added value lies in their 20 years international experience, and expertise in corporate training, talent development and management consulting across varied industry sectors.

We strives to achieve tangible and measurable results for clients by improving their competitiveness with a focus on a culture of working with People, for People. The consultancy covers the overall process of change, starting from the analysis of clients’ needs, aiding them to achieve business goals through organisational change management and a focus on corporate culture.

Our training and talent development solutions are focused on transforming teams to achieve growth and value. We provide bespoke training, team-building and talent development projects which are customised to reflect an organisation’s specific needs, culture, objectives and organisational structure.


  • People Strategy
  • Skills Mapping
  • Definition of Key Jobs & Key People
  • Performance Management and Performance Evaluation Systems
  • Potential Assessment Systems (Assessment Center, Development Center)
  • Incentive and Rewarding programs
  • Climate analysis
  • Change Management
  • Mindset
  • Internationalisation



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