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Communication Agency

Award-winning creative solutions for your business and events

AIM Group International has the majority stake of vanGoGh, one of  the Italian most innovative digital communication agencies, which over the past 20 years has received more then 70 national and international awards. This allows the Group to provide a unified conference, communication and digital offering supporting associations and corporate clients with branding, strategy and communication. 

VanGoGh is a creative and technological group, an interactive multichannel agency with a global approach and a strong creative background. In particular, VanGoGh is specialised in brand reputation, digital and SEO strategy, digital advertising, web design, mobile sites and app development, video communication and social media management

Focused on quality and care for detail, it is a place where everybody can share their ideas and test their skills in different areas of design and technology with a team of 30 people from different countries, based in a 500-square metres studio space in Milan, with partners in London, Sao Paulo, Berlin and Hong Kong.

The agency gives life to strategic and creative ideas, mixing passion for its work with the knowledge gained from experience. 

Eyes are said to be “the mirror of the soul", and vanGoGh's eyes are open to the world and even beyond, because sometimes it's necessary to look outside the box to find the right inspiration.


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