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Communication Agency specialized in digital marketing

The Open Innovation Network for communication

AIM Communication - the Open Innovation Network - is a new company dedicated to communication, brand activation and digital technology.

AIM Communication’s aim is to define, implement and execute communication strategies and tools that are relevant to the changing market in a first digital world. The company’s mission explains it all:
We craft experiences for your business growth”. 

AIM Group’s new company acts as a start-up hub and incubator that fosters digital transformation in communication.

A complete portfolio of technologies and marketing services 

AIM Communication can support companies and associations to grow by enabling them to craft the best possible experiences for their business, leveraging disruptive technologies. The suite of strategy, marketing, technology and digital services covers four core areas:

  • Research and Design - from format creation to technology analysis and scenario planning, to the event strategy and design of the customer journey or digital service design.
  • Define and Develop - community management, social media, digital production (+UX/UI), content curation and distribution, tech and cloud applications, AI opportunities, platform development, etc.
  • Deliver and Reach – advertising and communication plans, web marketing, live experience execution, big events and on demand event organisation, PR & media relations, reputation and crisis management.
  • Measure and Optimise - data analysis, business intelligence, insight generation, performance tracking and reporting.

A network of excellence in communication 

AIM Communication is a hub which gathers excellence from the market, integrating the best companies in the field of digital and non-digital communication. AIM Communication delivers a rich and diversified offering taking advantage of the highly-specialised skills provided by:

  • Vangogh communication agency - already a part of AIM Group;
  • Fandango Club, a group specialised in event format creation, live communication, broadcasting and digital branded entertainment;
  • Nautes, a digital design company, founded as an innovative university spin-off; and
  • Gas Communication, a communications agency specialised in digital PR & media relations.


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