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CME - Continuing Medical Education

Creating together a journey to big ideas and practical takeaways

Thousands of doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists and nurses attend AIM Group’s continuing medical education (CME) courses every year, gaining nationally or EU-accredited credits and furthering their careers. 

We work together with professional societies and other bodies to identify the best subjects for congresses and courses, and make them possible with sponsorship from major healthcare companies. We then take charge of implementation, and the detailed organisation of each event.

As acknowledged CME specialists with extensive experience in the field, we are known for the thoroughness of our approach to international compliance and regulatory issues. 

Innovative CME Events

Consensus meeting projects, training on the job, active learning, web platforms and apps, edu-games, augmented reality, soft skills development, are just some of the innovations put in place to ensure the success of hundreds of CME courses and events for healthcare professionals planned and organised every year in collaboration with major hospitals, research centres and scientific associations.

Distance Education

Thanks to our long experience in distance learning projects, webinars and hybrid formats, developed years before the covid-related restrictions, we can support organising effective e-learning platforms and programs, offering interactive tools and data analysis, in compliance with local legislations and accreditation systems.

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