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White Papers

Events in-person, hybrid or digital? Trends and perspectives from the Sponsors

AIM Group International conducted a survey of leading pharmaceutical and biopharma companies to understand their perspectives regarding next Autumn's events

Six steps to plan successful Virtual and Hybrid Events

Annalisa Ponchia tells us how to realise a digital or hybrid event that satisfies attendees, speakers and sponsors by choosing the right format and technology

Why and how to involve patients in scientific congresses

A broader view of treatments and therapies; identification of unmet needs; increased media exposure are some of the reasons why you should include patients

How to create a truly unique destination experience and the latest DMC trends

How to combine once-in-a-lifetime experiences, event objectives, client identity and cost optimisation? A senior DMC expert reveals his suggestions to succeed

Promoting and Selling an Exhibition: Innovative Ideas to do it with success

The ever-changing landscape of events organisation, technologies and sponsorship strategies demand to innovate the way exhibition areas are planned

Transportation & Events: Formulating your Transportation Plan

How to get the participants to the conference is the starting point when planning your event and this White Paper will outline how the journey starts begins muc

Expanding the global reach of your conference

Trying to expand global reach of your conference? Take these 12 actions!

The Importance of the Relationship between CORE PCOs and DMCs

This white paper will focus on different issues related to the joined work of DMCs and Core PCOs

Football Team Hospitality Management Do’s and Don’ts

Managing hospitality programs for football teams is not like taking care of any other DMC projects. Find out its own unique requirements!

Securing Hotel Allotments Do’s and Dont’s

No matter the event’s market or area of interest, its size, destination or season, agreements with hotels will have a great influence on the event’s success.

Avoiding Social Media Pit-Falls for Events

One of the very first tasks anyone has to do in regards to social media is define a clear goal.

The Added Value of DMC

Where is the added value in using a Destination Management Company (DMC) in these difficult times and slim budgets?

Tips on Bidding

Bidding process: how to manage your project and use your contacts and key skills to win.

Drivers for Change for the MICE Industry

What does change look like for the MICE industry?

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