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To Green the World starts from your own choices


Seeking Progress, not Perfection”: If we wish to make the world a greener and a better place to leave behind for future generations we start from this point.

More and more the theme of sustainability has become a cornerstone issue in various enterprises. This confirms the powerful effect Corporate Social Responsibility has had on business and, most importantly, on the environment. The global meeting industry is feeling the need to go green: considering how to involve green programs in our sector helps us all to promote and improve environmental and social performances of a destination, but above all of an event. Sustainability has become a fundamental matter, not merely an option!

Because our goal at AIM Group is to always keep pace with the changing world, we bear in mind that greening our events is a crucial aspect in the management of our services. Competitive advantages can be reached through a cohesive collaboration among all stakeholders, but greater achievements are reached starting from our own choices! Do you use public transport or, if not, do you have an electric or LPG car? Do you buy organic and locally sourced products? Do you properly recycle? Well, these could be simple but effective choices to start greening the (and your) world!

What about our event management then? Below you can find a checklist of first level choices you can make when organising your next event!



- Printed Matters:

Make use of organic/recycled paper
Prefer digitalised material and Apps
Decline the use of PVC material

- Decoration and Gadgets:

Reuse all material
Prefer local products and local suppliers
Recycle badges and lanyards at the end of the event

- Cleaning:

Make use of recycled paper
Choose Ecolabel cleansers
Use biodegradable cleaning supplies


Organise a separate collection of rubbish
Recycle where possible


Choose locations easily reached by public transport, by bike or on foot
Inform delegates with timetables of public transport
Indicate car/bike sharing stations or carpooling possibility


Choose seasonal, local and/or organic food
Donate the remaining food
Use biodegradable dishes
Arrange water dispensers to save plastic bottles


Heat up rooms up to 20°C
Cool rooms down to 6°C below the outside temperature
Switch off lights when not using them
Use energy-saving light bulbs
Choose venues where renewable energy is used when possible


Communicate before, during and after the event which are the green measures chosen for each service
Invite sponsors to behave accordingly


Create soundproof relax areas
Avoid the use of amplifiers in venues where acoustic pollution could be an issue


Choose to collaborate with volunteers
Involve socially committed ONGs for welcome or special gifts
Choose venues with no architectural barriers

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