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The Different Social Media Trends for Event Planners and Associations - Iapco article by Patrizia Buongiorno


Each year there are probably hundreds of “top ‘something’ trends for ‘this and that’ year” different publications swear by and publish.


We believe such reports may have a value but they should be deeply scrutinized. They won’t mean anything to your organisation unless you reshape them strategically and apply them to the overall strategy of your business.

It is a little bit like listening to motivations speakers or TED Talks and trying to copypaste the story – the outcome will never be the same, as each individual is different

and reacts differently in various situations.

The same holds true for associations. Each has their own values and company politics, different views of the world, and mostly different views on how the world should

see them. So it is important to get inspired, but to also strategically analyze it and never forget to ask “why”.


That is why we are taking a different approach with this article. We would like to inspire you - event professionals - and the organisation you work for so you can ask yourself the right questions.


Click here to read the full article written by Patrizia Buongiorno, AIM Group International Vice President, for IAPCO - International Association Of Professional Congress Organisers   

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