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Four Ambassadors rewarded in Milan, four successful bids for AIM Group International


The Milan Ambassadors Programme (MAP) is organised and implemented by Eventing Milan with the support of the Municipality of Milan and MiCo - Milano Congressi, the Convention and Congress Center. Milan Ambassadors Programme intends to identify a selected group of Ambassadors which act as representatives for the city and are able to work with local meetings professionals to secure conference and congress business in Milan. 

Over the last few years Milan has climbed the international rankings of ICCA (International Congress & Convention Association) per number of participants thanks to the MiCo Milano Congressi, one of the largest conference facilities in Europe,  the city’s prestigious Universities and research institutes, the  excellent accessibility, a wide offer in accommodation facilities and a varied cultural and eno-gastronomic offer.

Ambassadors play a key role in selling the destination and the ones taking part in this Programme not only represent Milan, but they are also involved in the destination growth from an educational and social perspective.

On September 20, the Milan Ambassadors’ Programme (MAP)  rewarded  Ambassadors whose efforts resulted in the win for Milan for the past and next years’ events. Four of them won with the support of AIM Group International as PCO, who successfully helped to win the bids:

The International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium – IGARSS; the Alzheimer’s Disease International – ADI; the 25th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics - ICTAM and the European Renal Association – European Dyalisis and Transplant Association -ERA-EDTA.

The AIM Group team is very honored that thanks to this exclusive programme we can share our expertise and celebrate success influencing and encouraging European and International associations to hold congresses in Milan and congratulations to our local champions that are helping to promote the city of Milan at a global stage!

The bid process is the ground floor of conference management, the place where ideas are implemented and formed. Understanding the bidding process is crucial for a Professional Congress Organiser and at AIM Group International we  provide the experience and  the understanding of the goals of the Host Organization and Association in order to support them for a successful  bid.

Bidding is a long and arduous journey, but a very rewarding experience that allows to raise the profile of the destination and provide an economic boost to the entire sector.

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