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FLOREtina2017 brings 3D Live Surgery to AIM Group’s Services for the First Time!


After a very successful first edition of the FLOREtina meeting in 2015, the City of Florence was delighted to welcome the second edition of the international conference. Even more delighted was the AIM Group Florence Office to make it happen! FLOREtina 2017 Meetingtook place on April 27-30, at the Palazzo dei Congressi with its main topics focusing on medical and surgical retina diseases and all innovations in imaging, diagnostic techniques and different treatment approaches.

Plenary and breakout lectures were spaced out with presentations of live surgeries. What made these live surgery sessions of utmost significance was that they were filmed and broadcasted using a 3D technology! The 3D visualisation was exploited both by the active surgeon in order to perfectly identify the correct segment in which to operate and by the participants who could get a better sense of the doctors’ “workplace”. In this way the surgeons are able to perform with greater accuracy, scanning and viewing the light-sensitive layer of tissue, which is the retina, with a higher level of sharpness and depth, and with a more realistic reception of colours, shadows ans dimensions. These 3D live surgery sessions have the utmost active involvement: all participants were given 3D glasses in order to experience the surgery in a more complete and detailed way. Though in the past it wasn’t easy to sense the depth of retina tissues during interventional and diagnostic phases, this is currently a reality! And we, at AIM Group, are very proud to have made it possible for FLOREtina to exploit such a crucial turning point in live surgery.


Following along the technological pathway, this year the Congress App was successfully re-used for televoting during interactive sessions and for Q&A time during the main sessions increasing interaction between speakers/moderators and participants and a step forward was made into the world of social networks. FLOREtina currently has its own Facebook page (@floretinait) and Twitter account (@FLOREtinaIT) where followers can be updated about all the news from the meeting.

Talking numbers…

2502 participants
49 exhibitors/sponsors
24 surgeries broadcasted in live 3D
195 free paper presentations

These numbers are definitely meaningful, as this edition redoubled the attendance of the meeting of two years ago! This will be a great starting point for the next edition on 6-9 June 2019!

…and to come full circle, watch all the outstanding videos taken at the meeting to get the sense of what happened day by day!
























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