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AIM Group International proud of winning the BEA Award with the Silver Elephant

21-11-2017 - Milan Office

We would like to congratulate our customer SIAARTI on helping us winning this important award in the category Educational/Training Event and we are very proud we could contribute to the success of this unique training format.

SIAARTI, the Italian Society for Anaesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care, was eager to find a new, innovative and efficient way to train its young members. Since AIM Group has been organising the Society’s National Congress for years we were the perfect partner for developing the right training format… and this BEA Award is the evidence!

Click here to read more about the SIAARTI Academy


For the SIAARTI Academy AIM Group organized in Lampedusa a unique educational experience, with an innovative training format addressed to future doctors in the field of intensive care and resuscitation.

To make the practical sessions as realistic as possible a maxi-simulation was organized: the sinking of a boat was simulated and field hospitals were situated on the beach and the protagonists were the students and trainees themselves divided in wounded, rescuers and observers. A maxi simulation, loaded with emotional impact for both the delegates and faculty. It happens often that simulations are being performed to showcase the competence of rescue squads in emergency situations, but it is uncommon that students and trainees are actively involved in these maxi-simulations.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement also because of the other candidates’ high profiles: Atea, Audi, Daiichi Sankyo, Generali, Intesa San Paolo, Lego, Wired, San Pellegrino, Seat, Smart and are only some of the brands, whose projects were presented in our category .

Moreover, AIM Group was the only agency presenting a project organized together with a medical/scientific association.

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