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“Silent rooms” cut noise at breakout sessions

A single space venue could be used for both plenary and workshop sessions at a medical conference

MSD – Merck & Co.

Budapest – Hungary

Conference Management (PCO) / Healthcare

Making technology and connectivity working together to give the perfect solution for the event


AIM was asked to organise a 700-delegate conference in Budapest for MSD (Merck & Co.).

The AIM team were immediately confronted by an organisational challenge – they needed to find a way to use the very large rectangular space of the Syma Centre for both plenary and workshop sessions. Part of the area was also needed for catering during the event.





To overcome these problems, AIM deployed a “Silent Room” system to create a virtual divide amongst the various spaces and reduce sound interference between them. The plenary sessions were followed by coffee breaks which were used to set up screens dividing the areas for the break-out workshops. To find their respective rooms, participants then followed the carpets whose colour corresponded to that of the dots on their name badges.  They were also given headphones with a pre-assigned channel, and used a microphone to ask questions, meaning that the whole area was practically noise-free.


The Silent Room concept is a creative way to break one large meeting space by virtually dividing it into several smaller breakout rooms.

In each “room,” attendees and speakers used headphones set to a specific channel so they would hear only the people in their room talking and to block out noise from the other rooms nearby. Microphones allowed for discussions to take place among attendees and speakers in each room.


New System in place.


Many functions all at once.




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