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Powering Up Effecting Cross-Border Events

How Information Technology and Strategic Solutions Can Help in Cutting Costs Across Borders

Medical Device Company


Healthcare / CME - Continuing Medical Education

Cost saving through technology platforms and strategic managing meeting programmes


A top client in the field of medical devices reached out to AIM Group to develop a solution for high volume training events taking place in 17 European destinations. Faced with this overwhelming task, the client knew the right partner to turn to not only for solutions but to ensure that money would be saved while not jeopardizing the quality delivered to healthcare professionals (HCP). 


Our knowledge and understanding of the health-care sector has been acquired through more than 50 years of experience in the field. Strategically managing meeting and event programmes (SMMP) gives our clients maximum buying power ensuring that their goals are met.

As a professional meetings planner, our strength lies in creating customised SMMPs, taking into account current best practice, existing suppliers, technology platforms and the data available. That is why an expert AIM Team approached the client’s challenge with an analysis of the global and local stakeholder needs and cost estimations. The team further examined the multicultural aspect of the project and its legal and logistical matters, studying the communication flow that would help create a winning project.


The strategic approach took the form of Centralized Coordination with a Decentralized Operation System.

A Central Coordination Team was given the task to coordinate the main activities – from logistical planning through operational issues, to engagement and training. The experts in the team, coming from the client’s side and AIM Group, had a collective knowledge and long-standing hands-on practice in various fields, including IT, Legal, VAT, Compliance, to satisfy the multifaceted and cross-border project requirements. The hands-on logistics where further decentralized within 6 Regional Offices handled by 20 dedicated staff members. They were coordinated by the Central Coordination Team.

This meant that all team members were committed to ensure perfect communication between the different links. Thus a customized communication tool was created with the needs in mind in order to guarantee control, engagement and transparency between all. Cost control, budgeting and supplier management, to name just a few, were interlinked parts of the communication system in place. This new strategic meeting management programme registered not only high-quality event experience for all HCPs but met goals such as cost saving (an average of 12% a year) transparency and clarity. All this was done while adhering to the relevant compliance regulations.


Dedicated staff members.


To compliance regulations.


(-12% a year).


Strategic managing meeting programmes.


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