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Hydro meeting powers up on bosphorus

Hydropower association finds AIM Group the perfect fit to update event style and deliver tech-friendly Istanbul congress

ESHA – European Small Hydropower Association

Istanbul – Turkey

Conference Management (PCO) / Association Management Services (AMC)

Finding a solution to meet the growing expectations of the participants, by providing a new event design for a better content delivery


The aim of the European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA) is to promote the benefits of hydropower to the European Union. It acts as both a federation of national associations and a focalpoint for members from all areas of the sector including equipment manufacturers, public utilities, independent producers, research institutes, investors, user industries and consultants. Hidroenergia ESHA’s congress and trade fair has been held biennially since 1989, generating a growing level of expectation amongst participants. For the 2014 event, ESHA wanted to update the event design and deliver a top scientific programme. At the same time it was faced with rising participant numbers, and the challenges of an unfamiliar location (Istanbul). So the decision to employ a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) was made, and the best fit turned out to be AIM’s Brussels office. 






A single team was created from both organizations after a careful selection of the team members according to each person’s expertise and experience. The team was formed more than a year before the event in order to heighten the impact of the common know-how towards the good of the event and achieveing the set goals. 


With a feeling of personal identification with the success of the event increased through the formation of the common team, the event was set to successfully deliver a solid scientific program in a new event design.
Logistics were handled by AIM’s in-house Congress® Event Management System, which also proved the ideal tool for processing abstracts. ESHA was keen to ensure that social media were fully utilised, so we deployed an AIM multichannel marketing expert to draw in potential participants and contributors to discussion groups – an engagement which gave them a feel for the event during the run-up. Social media were also widely used during the event itself, providing assistance and linking into some of the unique aspects – including a special trip to the Eurasia Tunnel Project – which helped make Hidroenergia 2014 a great success. 


a stronger community.


growing expectations.


a different culture.


one successful team.


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