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Exclusive venue access for top dhl clients

To help DHL deepen relationships with its best clients, AIM set up a series of exclusive events at historic venues which are normally closed to the public.

DHL Express

throughout Italy

Meetings and Corporate Events / DMC Services / CME - Continuing Medical Education


AIM has been working with DHL Express since 2006, organising conventions and sales meetings throughout Italy.

DHL attaches particular importance to regional events for top clients around the country. It has three main goals for these events:

  • utilise B2B activities to develop relationships with DHL’s best clients that go beyond pure business
  • use event exclusivity to further strengthen the DHL brand
  • tailor events to suit particular regional identities, and run events together with local firms.


We saw our main task as finding original and attractive solutions, particularly in view of the fact that locals are likely to have already experienced most of what their own region has to offer.

We saw two broad categories of ways to offer DHL clients a unique experience:

  • Cultural: an exclusive visit to an important historic or cultural venue which is usually closed to the public
  • Convivial: a tour of a prestigious location, combined with enjoyable teambuilding activities

Some of our events:

  • Florence – exclusive night-time tour of the Uffizi Museum and the Vasari Corridor, followed by dinner in the Silver Museum in Palazzo Pitti
  • Florence – exclusive night-time tour and dinner at the Bargello Museum
  • Verona – tour of the Cantine Bertani, where Amarone wine is made, followed by a tasting dinner at Villa Novare and a blind-tasting wine challenge
  • Rome – visit to the Vatican Museum and gala dinner in the Vatican gardens
  • Genoa – visit to the Van Gogh and Gauguin exhibition followed by dinner at the Palazzo Ducale.



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