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Mutual trust is the key in field trips abroad for ETF

A dedicated AIM team works closely with the European Training Foundation to organise meetings and study visits in the EU and developing countries.

ETF – European Training Foundation


Conference Management (PCO) / Meetings and Corporate Events / CME - Continuing Medical Education


The European Training Foundation (ETF) is an agency of the European Union. Its mission is to help developing countries harness the potential of their human capital through the reform of education and training systems, and thus promote sustainable growth and social inclusion.


In 2008, ETF chose AIM Group as its partner to organise meetings and study visits, both within EU member states and also ETF partner countries.  The main tasks are participant liaison work and logistical and conference management.


Right from the start, AIM decided to create a dedicated structure to service ETF’s needs, putting together a team of creative, pro-active and multi-lingual professionals.  This has enabled us to increase our knowledge of how ETF works and to anticipate what they are looking for, helping us generate a high degree of mutual trust.

So as to match the client’s requirements even better, we have also adapted our in-house participant management software so that it links directly with ETF’s own event management system.





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