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Our Team

Meet our AIMazing team of experts

Close up of Gianluca Buongiorno
Gianluca Buongiorno
AIM Group International
Close up of Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno
Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno
AIM Group International
Vice President
Close up of Gianluca Scavo
Gianluca Scavo
AIM Group International
Managing Director
Close up of Natalie Alagna
Natalie Alagna
AIM Group International
Director of International DMC Development
Close up of Szilvia Bojte
Szilvia Bojte
Operations Manager
Close up of Elena Carretero
Elena Carretero
Operations Manager
Close up of Martin  Elingshausen
Martin Elingshausen
General Manager
Close up of Francesca Manzani
Francesca Manzani
Head of Florence Office
Close up of Madalena Miranda
Madalena Miranda
Area Manager Iberia
Close up of Fulvia  Pieroni
Fulvia Pieroni
Managing Director
Close up of Annalisa Ponchia
Annalisa Ponchia
AIM Group International
Director Innovation & Customer Experience & Director of International Congress Development
Close up of Cristina Portaluppi
Cristina Portaluppi
AIM Group International
HR Manager
Close up of Dana Prejzkova
Dana Prejzkova
Operations Manager
Close up of Marco Quagliarella
Marco Quagliarella
AIM Group International
Director of International Operations & Area Manager Central & Eastern Europe (ad interim)
Close up of Rosangela  Quieti
Rosangela Quieti
Managing Director Congress
Close up of Flaminia Roberti
Flaminia Roberti
AIM Group International
Global Sales Director
Close up of Alessandro Scattolin
Alessandro Scattolin
Managing Director Healthcare and Pharma
Managing Director Education
Close up of Gianluca  Scavo
Gianluca Scavo
Managing Director Events
Managing Director DMC
Close up of Lisa Stern
Lisa Stern
Operations Manager
Close up of Belgin Topkaya
Belgin Topkaya
Area Manager Western Europe

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